2022 KTM RC 390 | Road + Track review | Game Changer or a Compromise? | Sagar Sheldekar Official

KTM has finally given the RC 390 the much needed update that we were all waiting for. Just like the RC 200, it features all new bodywork, lighter wheels and braking system and bigger 13.7L tank while still weighing the same. And to harness the 37Nm that the engine now produces, it also gets a state-of-the-art electronics package including cornering ABS and a bi-directional quick shifter. What is missing is the fully adjustable front forks and sticky tyres that the Euro-spec Rc 390 comes shod with. So is it a better all round package or a compromise? Sarge hops on to find out.

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Shot by Aravind G Ramanan Evin Chacho
FPV Pilot Tejas Soma

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