Board games we played this month! | 15 mini game reviews | JUNE 2022

Hey friends! It’s officially July so that means it is time to chat about the games we played in June. The weather has been beautiful and my schedule has been so busy so I equate not playing as many games to that. I hope you all had an amazing June and let me know in the comments what you played!

00:00 intro
01:17 BG STATS
02:01 #1 Lost Ruins Of Arnak w/ Expedition Leaders
03:29 #2 Bark Avenue
04:45 #3 Kingdomino
05:33 #4 Cartographers
06:44 #5 Paint The Roses
07:33 #6 QE
09:12 #7 Stardew Valley: The Board Game
10:55 #8 Kabuto Sumo
13:22 #9 ROAM
14:43 #10 Honey Buzz
15:57 #11 PARKS *solo mode*
17:15 #12 Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition
18:23 #13 Brass Birmingham
19:59 #14 Scythe
22:16 #15 Coffee Roaster
24:10 games on BGA
25:28 July Solo Challenge
29:08 outro

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My filming setup!
Camera – Canon EOS 80D or Sony A5100
Microphone – Movo WMX-20 Wireless Lavalier Microphone
Background Shelf – Ikea Kallax in Walnut
Game Table – The Jasper Table by BoardGameTables.com

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