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Bravely Default is without a doubt my favourite game on the 3DS. Hopefully the new game coming out on the Switch, Bravely Default 2, will be just as amazing. But the question is, what is Bravely Default? This series will hopefully answer your questions, starting with a game review and following with a largely retrospective based story review!


Sylphy AKA https://twitter.com/syl_phy Who drew a cheeky Airy and a patience dwindling Clemps for the thumbnail. They also drew the “Bravely Third” picture which was found early into the video!

TentacleTouchy – AKA https://twitter.com/TentacleTouchy who is now making my lovely new thumbnails!

Dan AKA https://twitter.com/XLBantz Who drew the previous cheeky lil Clemps in the thumbnail

Volta Bass AKA https://twitter.com/Volta_Bass Who animated the fantastic intro AND drew the fantastic outro and new cheeky lil Clemps in the thumbnail!

IXGameFire who VERY kindly sold me his beloved 3DS with internal capture card, which had been with him through thick and thin! Thank you so much, my man

My Discord for listening to me vent about editing issues.


Tifa’s Theme – Final Fantasy VII

Foolish Event – Bravely Default

Monster’s Dance (Rondo) – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Conflict’s Chime – Bravely Default

We are Thieves – Final Fantasy IX

Roxas’ Theme – Kingdom Hearts 2

Depressed Land – Bravely Default

Regular Battle – Bravely Default 2

Sound Striped Bell – Bravely Second

Besaid Island – Final Fantasy X

YRP, Fight! No.1 – Final Fantasy X-2

You are My Hope – Bravely Default

Wind’s Direction – Bravely Default

Baby Bird – Bravely Default

Love’s Vagrant – Bravely Default

AndyP, Fishy feat. Dan Bryant – Vamo alla Django (Vamo alla Flamenco)

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