First GRAPE HARVEST by HAND on STEEP SLOPE VINEYARD! ️ | Erlengrat | FS22 | Timelapse #49

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in today’s FS22 Erlengrat Roleplay Timelapse we are in a warm September. Today there is finally work to be done again in our vineyard on the slope, because the grapes are ready for harvest. At noon we head to the vineyard with our Landini REX 4-90 GT vineyard tractor and a TMC Cancela mulcher to mulch the tall grass before harvest. Then we prepare everything for the upcoming grape harvest. For this we use our Massey Ferguson 4708M to borrow some grape boxes from the local supermarket manager and grape processor Egon. We also borrow a Honda single-axle tractor with attached trailer for harvesting from Egon. After the preparation, the first grape harvest can finally begin in Erlengrat. Luckily, we have the support of two of Egon’s employees, who hand-pick our countless juicy grapes. After a while of sweaty work, we have finished the grape harvest and are supplying Egon with this year’s harvest. Egon will sell a large part of our grapes in his supermarket and process a small part into grape juice. He is also trying to produce a tasty wine that could make the Erlengrat region famous as a wine-growing region in the future. An exciting adventure awaits us in Erlengrat.

enjoy the video :)

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