Graveyard Keeper – 60 second game review

Graveyard keeper is a single player game about managing the dead. You are awoken from what seems like your death to head up the local church and graveyard.

Befriending the town and talking to animals and the dead, you make your way through the mysterious world.

To advance you will need to craft, build, explore and complete quests for the various people and undead that you meet.

Performing tasks grants you different experience points that can then be used to unlock new technologies.

Your goal is to get through the mysterious portal that might awaken you from this weird land.

This gaming review will cover some of the basics, what to expect and the core gameplay you will experience.

The game is developed by Lazy bear games a studio from Lithuania and published by TinyBuild

Gaming review playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpRSK_IeqAY-BE2tLomGFzqJTp5_417FD

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