Harvesting 2.400.000L of CORN SILAGE | Community Multiplayer | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 1

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Welcome to my Harvesting 2.400.000L of CORN SILAGE | Multiplayer Server | Farming Simulator 22 | Episode 1

In today’s video, we have one JOB and that is to harvest corn silage. At the beginning of the video, I will show you all the people that will help me today. Then we will hop in the Fendt Katana and move to the exit of the BioGas plant. Next, we will create a convoy and move to our first field. Let me mention some of the brands you will see today. For Sialge harvesters we have: Fendt Krone and Claas. For tractors, you can expect to see New Holland, Deutz-Fahr, Fendt, and John Deere. Let’s include two Man trucks as well. When we get to the field we will start cutting the corn and three tractors will be behind. When they get full, the trucks will take their place. I will try to switch machines to show you the process from different views. Once we finish the first field, the trip to the second one is hard. We have to cross under a bridge and the road is very steep, with big turns. I will drive the Man for a while so I can observe how the silage pit is filled. The third field is the biggest by far. It is situated right next to the BioGas plant. That’s why we decided to leave it for last. You will be surprised to see that we will be working on the fields very fast because the trips we need to do are much shorter. I will leave half of the field for the team to work on while I go and start leveling the pit. At the end of the video, you will see that the boys are trying to make a tower from their avatars. Is it successful… I’ll leave it for you to decide.

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