Hitachi Terrafarm Vehicles ready to use Goldwash Plant WIP FS22 NEW MODS

Today is a look at the Hitachi Mods and Terrafarm
They have been converted by me or other’s, or been found and errors being fixed. The original author is left in the moddesc.
The link for terrafarm with added files listed below has base terrafarm V4 Beta just added nice organized additional vehicles by compiled modders.
TerraFarm https://mod-network.com/fs22-mods/detail/6172
Hitachi 350 https://mod-network.com/fs22-mods/detail/6364
Hitachi 310 https://mod-network.com/fs22-mods/detail/6363
Hitachi 470 https://mod-network.com/fs22-mods/detail/6362
Hitachi 870 https://mod-network.com/fs22-mods/detail/6361

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