I Found a Shiny in EVERY Area in Pokemon Violet

Area Locked – Episode 2! I locked myself into EVERY area in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet until I found a shiny Pokemon.
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In this episode of Area Locked, I take on the East, West, AND North Provinces to see how many shiny Pokemon I can find… preparing for the finale in Area Zero!

2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEYVoZKCTW8J0YPC08NYEXQ
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► Intro: Route 10 (Pokemon B/W) + Let’s Dance Boys! (Bayonetta)
► Background: Various video game OSTs from
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Old School RuneScape
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Genshin Impact
► and more music by MusMus https://musmus.main.jp/

#pokemon #arealocked #shinypokemon

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