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00:00:00 Start
00:00:22 Intro
00:02:55 PDA, Sell points, Starting land
00:08:53 Starting Equipment
00:10:22 Farm tour
00:16:02 Fly Over
00:22:47 Drive around

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This mountainous valley is near the fictional town of Krumbach. The stream of the same name flows through the valley.
In addition to old yards for small equipment, a modern biogas plant with an associated cowshed is also operated.
As a result, there are very small fields but also large fields in the range of 0.5 – 12 ha. A total of approx. 210 ha of land can be cultivated. There are also several forests available.

Krumbach contains several farms of different sizes.

In the middle of the map is a small courtyard and offers the following:
-Shelters, barns and a workshop
-Grain silo
-Sheep pasture
-Cow pasture

Large cow farm in the south:
-Shelters, halls and a workshop
-Grainsilo and three wedgesilos
-Cowshed (Note: The manure heap only works in New Farmer mode. In all other modes, the manure heap must be repositioned.)
-Biogas plant with 500kW
-Bale storage

Small village farm:
-Shelters and barns
-Grain silo
-Chicken coop

Independently of the farms, there is a pigsty and a horse pasture.

Have fun exploring the area!

Special thanks to Jogi for the support.

Game Farming Simulator 22
Manufacturer Redkeinstus
Category Map
Author Redkeinstus
Size 304.26 MB
Released 22.11.2023
Platform PC/MAC, PS4, PS5, XB1, XBS

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