Screamfest Calgary 2022 Review [Haunted Houses & Games]

Screamfest Calgary 2022 review which showcases scenes from the haunted houses and games present at the show. It dives into what you’ll see, what you can play and of course the market too. Enjoy some food, drinks and various activities. It aims to provide some scares, while also being a solid offering for many age groups. There are many actors, extra events and spooky scenes to take in, so you can decide whether it’s scary.

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This is a Screamfest Calgary 2022 review of what’s available including the various six haunted houses and games that are present. Everything from cool axe throwing, to a lounge and even various chilling creatures. Actors are present, and a neat sense of atmosphere too throughout the area. The show continues to thrive with a selection of areas for different types of audiences to enjoy. Discount options may be present depending on when you go with this taking place at the Stampede Grounds.

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The event runs throughout the rest of October here within the city which is great. The best scares of the city are present within #Screamfest that takes place in Calgary which of course is within Canada. Joined by my sister once again for a fun time as we tour the area, take in the scares and showcase thoughts on just what was present throughout the event.

Played the games, got some scares and enjoyed the atmosphere which was entertaining for sure. It’s actually impressive that they were able to pull this off so well. Here’s the ultimate best Screamfest review in #Calgary. Grab some tickets, and go get some scares. Also, this was known as Hex (Halloween and Entertainment Expo) in a previous year. #HauntedHouse

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01:50 Haunted Houses
05:48 Overall Thoughts

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