The Hunter: Call Of The Wild | 3 Minute Game Review

A detailed review of theHunter: Call Of The Wild in just 3 minutes 🙂 We make game reviews, without the fluff… Is it worth buying in 2021?

TheHunter: Call Of The Wild is an incredibly detailed and realistic hunting simulation with a LOT to offer both casual and hardcore hunting enthusiasts. The goal of this review is to help you decide if it’s still worth buying and playing in 2021.

Taking place across 9 massive and incredibly detailed maps in either singleplayer or with up to 8 players online, your goal as a hunter is to find and kill over 40 different species of animals in the most humane way possible.

Now since the closest thing to hunting I’ve ever done is trying to catch a spider that’s crept in through the bedroom window, I was abit worried about how difficult it was gonna be to actually find any animals without having to sit in a tower making deer noises for 3 hours.

Thankfully though finding and tracking animals isn’t too difficult at all and the game’s not shy when it comes to helping you learn the basics thanks to the fully voice acted tutorial. That’s not to say it’s too easy though as it still manages to offer a decent challenge for casual and veteran players alike.

There’s definitely no shortage of animals roaming around the world and you’re even able to walk around actively searching for tracks and animals as long as you’re mindful of how much noise you’re making.

The key is not to make too much noise and risk scaring off an animal once you get close. Running makes the most noise while crouching and belly crawling will let you get really close to most animals without giving away your position. You can see a visual representation of how much noise you’re making in the lower right corner.

Wind direction is another thing to consider and you want to keep the animal up wind of you to stop them picking up your scent and running off long before you even spot them.

Some of the animals you’ll encounter in the world include bears, deer, moose, caribou, rabbits, ducks and even lions. They all behave in realistic and believable ways and not all of them are passive. If you shoot at a bear or a bison then you better make sure you kill it, otherwise it’s likely to return fire using its entire body weight as a weapon and it is possible to take damage and eventually get knocked out.

Once you get on the trail of an animal either before or after you shoot it, you’re able to activate its tracks which highlights it in blue to stand out against all the other white tracks. The types of animals you’ll encounter depends on which reserve you’re playing on. Each reserve is completely unique and it never feels like you see the same thing twice. You can easily spend hours roaming from one end of the map to the other, discovering animals, outposts and lookout points along the way.

There’s a decent variety of weapons in the game too including different types of shotguns, rifles, pistols and hunting bows, with different ammunition required for each gun that you have to keep stocked up by visiting one of the multiple shops located around each map. You can also buy sprays that mask your scent, sound boxes that mimic animal calls, med kits, backpacks and even quad bikes for faster travel without having to teleport. You can even spend skill and perk points to upgrade your abilities as your level increases.

There’s plenty of content in the base game to keep you busy for hours but there’s also optional DLC’s that add things like tripods, a bloodhound companion, new reserves and more weapons. None of them are necessary to get the most out of the game though and the best part is that even if you don’t own a reserve that’s in use on a public multiplayer server, you can still join and use all aspects of the map as if you’d already bought it, you just can’t use it in singleplayer.

Overall even though I’m about as far from a real life hunter as they come I really enjoyed Call of the Wild. The fully voice acted tutorials and singleplayer story lines that introduce you to each reserve taught me everything I needed to know without needing to google for outside help.

I ended up playing in multiplayer for most of my playtime where up to 8 players share a map, typically doing their own thing and occasionally having a chat and taking part in hunting competitions, and it added a nice bit of social contact in an otherwise lonely and peaceful game. Most players I came across were hunting enthusiasts and respected each others personal space while being friendly in chat which was great to see.

The graphics and sound design are phenomenal…(script was too long) Yes, recommend it!

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