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A detailed review of Wreckfest in about 3 minutes! We make game reviews without the fluff.

Wreckfest is a demolition derby style racing game that puts you up against 23 other drivers in either single or multiplayer game modes. The goal of the game is ultimately to come in first place but after a couple of races you quickly realise that the real challenge is finishing the race at all.

It’s got a full singleplayer career that includes both track racing and arena-based demolition derbies aswell as custom races, time trials, daily and weekly online events and a very active online community for multiplayer races.

In career mode you start off racing in the junior league against the slowest cars in class C and you gradually work your way up to Class A in the World Masters league, unlocking new performance and visuals upgrades for your cars as you go.

You can customize the speed, handling and appearance of every car aswell which means if your favorite car is in class A but you want to join a class C race you can easily just downgrade your car to match.

The singleplayer modes are good fun and I enjoyed playing through the career, but I think multiplayer is where it’s at its best. The AI in singleplayer can be abit slow even on the highest difficulty and they often struggle to handle larger vehicles like trucks and busses.

Online racing is insanely fun and I lost count of the amount of times it made me laugh like I was 5 again. Something about seeing a guy on a lawnmower get annihilated by a combine harvester going into turn 1 just never gets old…

The online community is very active with plenty of full servers every day so I never had any problems finding a race. Despite most races being pure carnage you can actually get some really good clean racing too thanks to the awesome physics and handling.

The cars feel heavy and well balanced, the body deformation is excellent if not slightly hilarious and every crash and scrape feels brutally unforgiving even if you’re playing with a keyboard or gamepad. The force feedback when using a wheel is surprisingly good and gives a pretty heavy and believable albeit slightly exaggerated road feel.

There’s a ton of different cars and tracks including models from europe, Asia and the US aswell as tracks ranging from simple arenas to figure of 8’s, loops and regular road layouts and there’s a good amount of free modded content on the Steam Workshop.

Overall the game is quite forgiving with the main focus clearly being on just having fun grinding metal with other cars. You can adjust the driving assists like stability control, ABS and AI driver difficulty to match your skill level and you can restart races as many times as you like.

There’s a total of 11 optional DLCs that add new cars and cosmetic items that cost between 1 and 4 euros each or you can get everything in the 2 season passes a little bit cheaper. There’s plenty of content to keep you busy in the base game though and the DLC’s definately aren’t needed to get the best out of the game.

It’s a superb game to blow off some steam and unwind at the end of the day. The excellent graphics, weighty physics and a solid driving model paired with the utter carnage of banger racing lead to some really memorable racing and if you hadn’t already guessed, we love it and can’t recommend it enough.

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14 Jun, 2018
THQ Nordic

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